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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 24, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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"on the record" each night. sean hannity has senator ted cruz tonight 10:00 p.m. he has an announce want. watch it good night. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," have chickens finally unionized to get more of their own to cross the road? and what does this mean for the economy? we spoke to one local boss to find out. plus, does the vice president still not understand how everyone knows how dinosaurs are exsink? extipping? >> how do americans know? it sounds like a silly question, but how do they know? >> and has global warming forced maim me to rebrand -- miami to rebrand itself? it is the new south beach you won't see on msnbc. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guest. she takes her wine like herman, herman -- like her
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men, full bodied, bitter and costs $10. i am here with joanne nosuchunsky. and his eyes can see to your soul which and ironic because he doesn't have one. it is tv's andy levy. and my pleasure to welcome back tom kotter. i admit that was pathetic. you have a thing in your ear. and next to me man who can kill you with his nostril hairs, it is terry sappert. >> a block, the lede. that's the first story. >> oh. are their faces disgraces? it is another crisis sparked by isis. fresh from telling christians in the iraqi city of mosul they must convert or die, the islamic state has said all mannequins -- yes, man new kins, must be veiled. the sunni extremists took
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control of mosul last month and according to the ap, shop owners have been told to cover the faces of male and female mannequins due to interpretation of shari'a law that forbids statues or art work depicting the human form. progress. here in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we like our mannequins totally uncovered. >> that makes me want to enlist. i want to go to someone who
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spent a lot of time battling the forces of radical islam. joanne? just kidding. >> i totally looked. >> terry, you did three tours in iraq. can you believe they are now targeting -- they have killed so many people that they are now going after the mannequins. >> that goofy religion of peace. they always pull out surprises. the mannequin thing, and i'm tired of reading of them doing things to christians. the syrian christians have been there for years and they are gone president starved, killed, cutting off the water supply. isn't there anything we can do the way we helped the muslims of bosnia or kosovo? enough. >> i don't think we can do that. >> you know what, if i was in a different situation i would lead a group of people over there and stand in front of the church and say come and get me. it has to be stopped. what about the mannequins? >> they are bad. we try to find something unusual about every store. >> islam, god bless them, it is the most insecure ideology
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i have ever seen. you can't do anything with them. it is like that drunk dude at the bar that if you look at him wrong he hits you. you look at his empyreal friend and he hits you. you you walk by and he hits you. no matter what you do you can't succeed with them. >> i am a woman and he hits me. >> what's that from? >> i made that up. >> that's pretty good. >> tom, welcome back. >> thank you. welcome back carter. >> haven't heard that one before, have you? >> sorry. >> are they going to start veiling everything that might have a face? >> well have you never worn a male veil when you go banking or anything? i wear mine when i go banking. let's cover them up and make them more creepy. even the mannequins are creepy. everything is a ninja over there and they have to stop this. about the insecurity thing, if we left and went to a
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restaurant in manhattan and i said praise jesus, a couple of people might roll their eyes and one guy may say amen. if i said allah everybody would be jumping under the tables and dialing 9-1-1. they have hijacked the religion. it is crazy. >> there is a large measure of discomfort when you are around anybody that might say that. >> absolutely. >> andy, i go to you because you want to defend your heros in the islamic state. >> first of all you tried to make the islamic state look bad because they told christians to convert or die. somehow you left out the fact that they gave them a choice of paying a tax a if they want to remain christian and alive. second, it is important to note that this is for all mannequins. it is not just females. kudos to them for not being problematic about this. if only this society was as gender neutral as they were. in addition to this, there is a shop keeper who sells women's underwear and told
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routers -- he was told to stop doing that and only a woman can do that. a cigarette vender said he was told to stop telling tobacco. this is bloomburg's iraq and i don't like it. >> all right, joanne -- i am kidding. c's joanne. it is joanne. mannequins have been getting sexier. i have seen some downtown that would make your head spin. do you think they are legitimately worried about the temptation of these plastic sex pots? >> i am surprised they have not just cutoff their heads. there are headless man gnaw kins everywhere. mannequins everywhere. that's the new thing. some even have bear heads on them. you could totally do that. put anyone else's head on there. i am nervous for the commercial sector, definitely. my shopping, i won't be able to do it the same. i can't shop with my gay best friend. he has to be related to me if
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i want to go shopping with a male. and i don't have a brother. >> and also not gay. >> being gay is a problem too. >> or he would be beheaded like the mannequin. >> what about robots? >> good question. >> i have to end every segment what about robots? if robots have a face will you veil the robot face? what about goats? what if you are into beastiality? will you veil the goats because it could be tempting? >> the answer to that is it is not an image of humanity that would cover that. >> i am glad you answered that seriously. >> why do they even take you seriously. >> still talking while i am looking at you. it happens a lot. >> on wednesday, the fighting in eastern ukraine continued to escalate as pro russian separatists shot down two ukrainian fighter jets. the first was reported since the malaysian airlines plane. the ukrainian government
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claims the shots came from russia and has approved a third wave of troops for the army. meanwhile, the often shirtless russian president vladimir putin continues to pass the rubble and blame ukraine. he told the russian security council that these scenarios are absolutely unacceptable and destabilize the existing world order. don't believe me? have a listen. >> don't worry. we will add in all of the closed caption translation later. if it is not there -- you know what, i knew what he said. why do i care? >> a horrible russian accept. >> he sounded hollywood. >> he was born in toledo.
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>> you could hear the twang. >> putin will get away with this because he knows he can, right? >> this is what happens when you have weakness and total lack of global leadership. i know we are not supposed to be the world police, but i am always losing time with my family. i lost friends. i get the struggle, but this is what happens when you think that words actually do mean something. i hate to say this because i am an employee of it, but we are a paperer tiger. putin is not afraid of us? it is like telling a kid to get out of the cookie jar or you will be mad. you look over and he is like this. he does it again. the next time he eats cookies you say, i will seriously get mad at putin why not do what i am doing? >> take the cookie jar. >> you take the cookie jar and say what are you going to do now? >> there will be a strong wordett e-mail --
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strong-worded e-mail. >> this is what happens a when you are weak. >> we would get a good hash tag campaign saying bring back our cookies. >> that would be nice. >> # stop diabetes. >> i like how you add something to that. it is just to make the balance correct. >> we are a healthy nation. >> we are a healthy nation. tom, are we entering another cold war or is it a tepid one? >> as far as the investigation into the plane crash he is stalling. the guy -- the -- he is saying he is waiting to find out who the real culprits are which is like o.j. simpson. tomorrow mark my words he will shoot down the flying nun and the spotted owl and anything. this guy has huge tess -- testicles. >> we were talking back stage in the green room. jay we were talking back stage. you know, you said this. his approval rating is sky
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rocketing in russia. and here is why. right or wrong, good or bad, the russian people see a leader who actually is fiercely defensive and pro them. won't it be nice to have a leader who has veer ross tee like that a -- veroc tie y like that a? >> i don't want them to shoot down planes. i am clarifying for you. >> yes, no planes getting shot down. but it would be nice to know that your daddy would kick the neighbor's ass if they threaten you, and we don't have that. >> that's an interesting point. in russia, they actually don't like him. but his popularity goes up when he is threatened. in a way he is darth vader. he is their father, but he is evil so they still like -- as you know, i know a lot of russians. when you talk to them about it, you have to be careful. it is not they are defending him, they perceive you are
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attacking them. russiansrussians are national lis stick. i don't even know what my statement was. >> how fun are the conversations at home. >> my wife is russian. they are interesting. she is -- because what has happened is the state-run media there and the situation itself believes putin is a victim. putin is being blamed for something he didn't do. the funny thing is there may be an element of truth to that because it was an unintentional shot down of a -- unintentional shot down of a plane, but if he supplied the weaponry -- >> yeah, i don't think he gave the order to do it. >> he didn't mean to do it, but he put the hardware in the country and said go at it. >> look, we started doing some asset freezing.]3รท i think we have to continue to freeze their assets off, if you will, greg. >> somehow i saw that joke coming. >> the weirdest thing is i didn't even write that.
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>> that is a joke you would never steal. that was the joke you would plant. >> paul mccu ri o would steal that. >> paul mccurio would steal that. >> we are talking about putin and yet we are talking about mccurio. >> you have to -- you have to make them mad. otherwise we will wake up and it will be sov yet 2.0. the 19 richest russians lost 14.5 billion this year. it has to be a lot more than that. they have to start sweating. they are the only ones who can put heat on putin. they are the only ones that putin will listen to because they have to. >> i think you just gave me my monologue on "the five." joanne, what makes him tick? >> it was not a happy time for me. just like all of my exes he says one thing and then he does another. >> you are like his plan
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gnaw -- lana delray. >> do you ride horses with him? >> i don't ride horses after that awful accident. how could you bring that up? >> you didn't know, did you? >> awkward. >> definitely all of the media propaganda over there, i see how people are, like you said, his approval rating is going up and there is that nationalist tendency to have the pride and all of that. if it wasn't russians and if it wasn't the ukrainian government and the rebels, who is responsible? somebody needs to be held accountable a and who will hold him accountable? >> if the policeman is asleep, who will galvanize the world. >> that's a good article you wrote by the way. >> i dropped that in there on purpose. >> the dutch lost a lot of people. cameron said some important stuff for england. >> aren't you tired of people talking? i am freaking tired of it of the i am tired of -- like you said we are not going to war
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with them. but the only way you beat somebody is you make it hurt to continue. as long as it doesn't hurt to continue, there you go. >> that's how i endmost relationships. >> this that has been the most unfunny show for me so far. >> it is a grim world out there and we can't shy away from it here at "red eye." should actors on stage make a living wage? he thinks they deserve the same economic recognition as other low paid workers. speaking of radio times "the lord of the ring" star said, quote, most actors are not rich. they are poor indeed. they had to turn down good roles because they are not paid enough. it is hard. the one thing you can ask is actors get paid a living wage. it would make a huge difference. this would be ago a teres in theaters. only one in 50 of those actors in london make above $20,000 pounds which is above $6 million a year. we had our "red eye" intern tryouts yesterday.
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>> scott did a great job there and a lot of those skills will come in handy. >> i take it back. this is the best show ever. >> if we give actors a living wage, what a is next? >> acting is a dream job if you dream of poverty. i am in the field. on behalf of all stand up comics i would like to say to all of the other actors, suck it. you have to have a day job when are you an actor. that's what they all do.
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you have to have another job. the waiter said he was also a writer. i said write this down. i want the onion soup and the lamb chops. have another job. >> joanne, are you in theater and isn't the problem that nobody likes theater? >> it is not appreciated, definitely not. they are getting all of these celebrity stars to come in and head these broadway shows. and then they still aren't selling tickets. what is a shame is these tickets are so expensive, but the paychecks really don't equal what a film star's paycheck is. i have had a lot of friends who were servers and some collected unemployment while they are not working which i say get a job. there are millions of serving jobs around. get a job while you are auditioning. >> joanne gnaw makes a good point. there is a lot of immense
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income inequality. you have somebody like this tom pitt character making $100 million a film. and then you have joanne gnaw who can barely eke it out. >> joleen made a good point, but it is good to remember that actors are great when they are acting and they are good at it. but you have to remember that they spend their lives pretending to be things they are not. many of them are crazy people. >> coupled with that is if you watched the oscars they all think they are national treasures. they all think they deserve to get something from us besides our ticket money. >> i couldn't tell if they said the living wage needs to be guaranteed by the government or these theaters should pay a living wage. in which case, fine. my guess is he was saying, month , we as a society as a government need to give them money which no we don't.
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>> he said to me, boy, you've got it. i am making that up. >> that was great. >> he is an awesome actor. great guy. but here is the thing about the whole -- >> great guy. >> yeah, like i know him. we go way back. the whole problem with the living wage bit is that his agent does not bargain for a living wage. he bargains for the most he can get for ian mccowan. he makes millions of dollars. by guaranteeing a living wage a for these other actors is he going give part of his salary to that? that drives the cost of film and theater up. ian, living wage? give it up. >> it is redistribution among the actual ago a teres who will make more -- actors who will make more sense than anybody else.
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>> don't do accents. >> he is getting a day job. >> you are all welcome for your freedom. >> use your accent for good. be right back.
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they made a deal with a doll. last year girl scouts of america partnered with the toy maker mattel to give scouts a chance to earn a barbie be anything, do anything patch. that sounds disgusting. soon a girl scout barbie will be available in stores. that's the subject of tonight's -- wow. the girl scouts first ever corporate sponsor has concerned citizens, very concerned.
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i wonder isn't barbie basically a terrible role model for girls? >> barbie is basically a terrible role model for girls. she is not about what the girl scouts' principals are which have to do with leadership and courage. >> then again, girls and moms alike associate the doll with the outdoors and camping and giving back to the community. >> girls and moms alike associate this doll with the outdoors, camping, giving back in your community. and we think that those are really positive messages to be sending to all of our girls. >> looks like war. i am disturbed by the partnership, and many of our studio audience panel here are as well. look. their fury is palpable. i look forward to hearing from each and every one of you out there. i just want to let the audience know another thing. underneath -- underneath your
12:25 am
seat is a special gift. at the end of the show if you look under there you will find something interesting. first let's talk to the people here. tom, this wouldn't have happened under bush. >> no. i love when you say under bush. >> when i was a kid we had the girl scout gi joe. they called it the green beret gi joe. we called it brown knee with nuts. brownie with nuts. why can't the girls have -- i can't get why one is mutually exclusive. they can have accessories and the kerchief and the barbie shovel. the barry ken. >> i don't feel comfortable being between terry and tom right now. >> i was kidding. >> i would like to back away slowly. >> how come he is a comedian and i was not offended.
12:26 am
>> you have every right. >> i am defending my right to put you in the ground forever. >> the problem with this whole thing because it is obama's america, more and more people are getting angry and they have a really normal, boring home life so they candy vote time to being angry. >> i like it. and the judge, awesome. why are we getting spun up about barbies and the merit badge. they are not mutually exclue you sigh. mutually exclie sigh. exclusive. >> i think she was in a pink pant suit. >> that ruins it.
12:27 am
i'm sorry we are out of time. i'm kidding. joanne, this is kind of your area of expertise. dolls and whatnot. >> are you saying i'm a living doll? >> i am saying you are close to one. >> i have said this before and i will say it again. barbie is made of plastic. last time i checked inanimate objects are not role models. barbie doesn't count. miley cyrus doesn't count. there are mothers and daughters in other areas of the world that are clinging to their lives. they are not worried about barbie and the message she is sending to her kids. you are sponsored by sadness. what do you make of this doll crisis? >> isn't she a little old to be a girl scout? she looks 55. >> i am not sure you ever stop becoming a girl scout.
12:28 am
>> this is creepy, grow up barbie, seriously? i was thinking about something heather on the audience panel said. i don't think there is a lot of outrage over this. "the today show" found the one woman outraged about this and they put her on tv so there could be a balance to the story, and now we are doing it to cover the outrage of one person. there is one person. >> it is just one person. >> i am jealous to people who candy vote their time to -- can devote their time to such things. it is okay now. you can check under your seats for the special gift i left to you. >> they just discovered this ain't oprah. jay they are not checking under -- >> they are not checking under the seats. they are not going to show them again? okay, great, thank you.
12:29 am
thank you floor director and director. looks like they are not checking under the seats. >> that was a good bit. >> we are going to wait until they check under the seats. >> good bit. >> i am not leaving. >> check under the seats! look under the seats! >> free gifts. >> look under the seats! coming up, they were arrested for having sex on the beach. here is a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's c block is brought to you by the talking pillow. squeeze to hear one of the free programs. it is like a furby, but sexy. not available in canada.
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it is an amazing thing. is sex on the beach an etiquette breech? a florida couple was arrested after having a public roll in the sand on sunday. on sunday no less! witnesses say ben and elisa are there and below having sex in a bubble. they went at it for 25 minutes which is impressive. it is impressive for -- >> that's a good day. >> that is such an old joke. 24 happened in full view of dozens of people including,
12:34 am
yes, the little ones, the children who are our future. they took a dip in the water with their nasty things before returning to their beach towel. a grandmother who filmed them of course described what happened next. >> they laid on the beach and they totally passed out for hours. we really wondered if they were dead. when they did wake up, they cuddled for a long time and then they started into the same thing they were going to do before. >> this story will be all over the paper tomorrow. >> that's when witnesses had seen enough so they joined in. i kid, they called the cops. the pair were booked on lewd behavior after the grand mother showed her video to the police department who were extremely shocked. tom, what's wrong with two beautiful bodies doing what comes natural in a natural setting? >> nothing. sex on the beach is not just a crime, but a delicious beverage and leads to sex on the beach. i can't believe an old woman, a grandmother, knew how to operate a video camera.
12:35 am
>> terrible. >> i have seen the video. it is called invasion of sandy shore and i recommend it. how do you expect -- florida is a state that is shaped like part of the male anatomy tining lig on cuba. it is a sexual place. >> a lot of weird things happen in florida, terry. are you surprised it took so long -- do you think people -- do you think people were enjoying it and then got bored? >> grandma was watching it for awhile. >> she was outraged. there were kids there. they don't need to see two muscular bodies propped up against each other in a sick satanic ritual. >> why i ought to freaking -- no, sex on the beach and they were in trouble. don't have sex on the beach in the daytime. it is not even cool. it is sandy. i never got that. i thought it was overrated. >> it probably was -- with you.
12:36 am
joanne, you told me in private this was always a dream of yours, on the beach with an aging personal trainer with a grandmother. >> i said this grandmother is lying. if you take a look at that picture of the guy he is a body builder. i am assuming he likes the roids. how are you lasting would 5 minutes with that in your system? and she filmed the whole thing, grandma? >> something is not right. >> something is not right. >> do you think they were in kahoots to make them famous? >> a reality show. dating, naked and having sex on the beach. >> you came up with the premise. good for you. you have to commend the local fox affiliate for blurring just the right amount of the tape. i would still get mildly aroused even with the blur.
12:37 am
>> i'm sure the editors figured out what was the right size blur to use. first of all to the two people having the sex, i would just say, come on, guys, knock it off. >> i think that's a new segment. come on, guys, knock it off with andy levey. >> i have questions for grandma. she says when they came back from the water they passed out for hours. we thought they were dead. and you did nothing? you sat there thinking they were dead for two hours. >> did you poke them? >> and you did nothing. i would say she is probably worse than the two of them. i would like to see charges filed against her, and what happens she should spend the rest of her natural life behind bars. >> that's a strong stance to take. >> i like when i read that one. the guy got mouthy to the cops. >> he got aggressive toward
12:38 am
the woman who told them to stop. he is not a nice fellow. these are not role models. >> it is the roids. >> roid rage. >> i just want to comment before we move to the next story. i am fascinated by the amount of blurring used in tv these days when they decide how much to blur. what if there is a segment of society that is aroused by blurry things. how great must it be for you? this is actually more arousing than what we would find arousing when you see blurry people doing stuff. >> it is like putting a veil on a mannequin. >> a minnesota man claims he and his two kids were asked to get off a southwest airlines flight because of something he tweeted. apparently that's him talking in the weird shirt. he had priority boarding, but his 6 and 9-year-old did not so the tikes were told they would have to board later.
12:39 am
dad was not happy and fired off a tweet because he was mad, something to the affect of wow, rudest agent in denver. kimberly, gate c9 and not happy at swway. soon after getting to their seats he and the kids were asked to de board. the agent felt threatened by his tweet and he cooperate board until -- couldn't board until he deleted it. what do you think of this? he hospital have de boarded. who is worse? >> he is. i believe in freedom of tweet, but if you get on a plane andy andy -- and you are on the a list. first class which we hate because they can board the plane and we have to do our poverty parade past them. i am annoyed by that. no tears. i am all right with that.
12:40 am
the thing is those people of all of the airlines are supposed to have the best sense of humor. they all think they are stand up comics. >> they do jokes in their in flight thing. she had no sense of humor. i like that. what do you call it a poverty parade? generally what you do is look at your phone. >> no, i look people in the eye. i do. i want to shame them. >> and tell them one day they will fall from the throne. >> one day they will be serving me warm nuts on an airplane. >> thank god you said on an airplane. >> that goes back to the beach in florida. >> anyway. >> you interrupted with nothing. >> you forgot to bring a bag. gill wrong. so southwest, a, they are using using -- they are cool. and two, two, how is this flight attendant -- why is she checking her tweet when's she is getting ready to take off?
12:41 am
you should be buckling people in and saying turn off your freaking cell phone. instead she is up front going that guy just wrote a tweet about me. >> how did she see it? >> she was a gate agent. so i don't know if that meant she got on the plane. >> you should be doing something. why are you looking at your cell phone and looking at twitter? >> she felt threaten ited by this tweet. she is a gate agent. he is on the plane and going away from her. don't get him off the plane. >> she said if you delete it you can reboard. vow suddenly no longer threatened? >> if it was a threatening tweet you would want him to keep it up there to show as evidence if he made a threat. he didn't use her last name. she needs to lighten up. >> and they got a $50 voucher for him trying to board early. >> for southwest that is an around dash a round trip
12:42 am
around the world. >> the audience was the real loser here. all right, coming up, a lady loses her leg in a fight. not cool, order it at g order it now.
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you look like gg allen.
12:46 am
>> you do look like gg allen. >> google gg allen. >> i am glad you knew the name. she lost her head and threw a leg. we have just been witness to the apex of reality tv. it happened on last night's finale on "the housewives of new york." she was upset about something. >> you say that you have never lied to any of us at the table and you find us really hurtful? i find that laughable. >> the only thing that is artificial or fake about me, this. >> sick of it. >> sick of you all accusing me. everything else is real. everything else. everything else is real. >> i am going to vomit. >> go ahead. >> it is just a fake leg. >> that's so disgusting. you people make me vomit for wanting to vomit because she
12:47 am
only has one leg. >> drink tossing and table flipping have been replaced with limb removal. >> again we are joined by our studio audience panel and i want to ask them was she justified in reacting the way she did? raise your hands if you think so. >> well played. >> they will never know where we got that idea. tom, a great moment for television. >> she whispered it is just a flesh wound. and then she was hoping -- hopping mad clearly. >> you have two more after this, right? >> not a pushover. >> these jokes are lame.
12:48 am
>> she was about to go oscar pistorius -- >> stop! >> here is the problem i have. she said that was the only fake thing on her. she glared at them through her tinted contact lenses. she raised up her fake nail and shook them in front of her fake breasts and she said i am real. >> here is the thing, andy. i was disgusted by the reaction to her. they reacted like they were going to throw up. what was so sick about it? >> i just thought she wasn't there to make friends. she made that clear. if you are going to watch a show "real housewives fake leg" is a good show. it doesn't get better than that. >> joanne, this may be one of the best moments on tv. i just felt for her. >> i like ramona on the show. apparently when this happened she says we will have two more glasses of pea --
12:49 am
pino-grecio. all of the people standing in the back work for one of the women there and they are all laughing. all of the women at the table are disgusted. >> they are bigoted. terry, last word? >> i don't have one. people watch these shows for that kind of moment and it makes it worth it. >> i think these shows are awful the way they treat these people. she should have been saluted as an american hero. i want to thank our studio audience for being here. i'm sorry we didn't get to hear from you. that's nice they are applauding. we didn't get to hear from any of them. i am not sorry. coming up, all aboard the racist train. when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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that's why i always choose the fastest intern. the fastest printer. the fastest lunch. turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator.
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the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. last story. that's the last story. >> all right. on thomas the tank engine, the good engines pump out white smoke and the bad engines pump out black smoke. it makes us wonder -- >> is this racist? >> i couldn't find my sign. a writer for the
12:54 am
accused thomas the tank engine for being a bigot and corrupting kids' mieppedz. minds. they call the thomas and friends show racist. note thaght villain -- noting that the villains spew black smoke and the good guys have white wisps of smoke. the white icing on the cake is lack of female trains make it sexist. let's go around the horn. joanne is thomas the tank responsible for your drunken, racist rants? >> at least some of them. the trains get me going. this is dumb. i don't i don't have to say that, but i just did. this poor kid. kids are color-blind. kids don't fat shame. they are taught these things.
12:55 am
they are taught to be cruel and they are usually taught by their parents. shame on you. >> shame on who though? >> the paints. >> shame on the parents. that's not part of the story. you are shaming somebody that is not even here. >> she is shaming the person who wrote the article. >> tom, you can make anything sound racist if you try hard enough? >> yes, you can. >> i won't let my kids go bowling. that's a little racist. i think they will change, the little engine that could. he used to say i think i can, i think i can. to yes we can, yes we can. and that will make everybody happy. >> that's an amazing thing there. >> and now you gave them the idea. >> being this woman's kid has got to be a blast. what a fun life he's got in store. >> is this real or was she trolling? >> i think it is real and
12:56 am
spectacular quite frankly. the only part i care about was learning who the fat controller here. there is that song "here comes the fat controller." i never knew that was an actual thing. >> the katherine wheel? >> no the fat controller. >> i don't know what he is doing. >> are you mad at me for saying that? >> you said something. >> i don't remember. >> i just want to make sure. >> we have 45 seconds. you can say something. >> those kids are going to be such interesting people when they get older. having a mom raise you like that. >> where are you headed next, terry? >> i go to central america a couple days. finishing my show. >> excellent. tom? >> i go to rehab right after this and then i go to -- i am in arizona in august because my agent hates me. i am going to stand up live in
12:57 am
phoenix. >> phoenix is a great town. >> it is, in december. >> check out ted. he is great. >> joanne gnaw, terry safford. i am greg gutfeld.
12:58 am
12:59 am
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hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, and greg gutfield. it's fib:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." secretary of state john kerry landed in israel today as the country continues its campaign to dismantle hamas. while israel has attempted to avoid civilian casualties, even going so far as to announce their bombing targets. hamas has turned pools and hospitals into military command posts. now, instead of condemning this deplorable action, the council of american islamic relations is calling for israel to stop their military action. the reaction is a far cry


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